And Now, Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program…


Hello all!  I hope everyone had a fabulousssss Christmas/holiday season!  I’ve been holed up with my family all weekend doing awesome possum family things 🙂

But I’m BACK and ready to get in shape for the New Year!  I can’t believe Wednesday is NYE!  Crazy stuff right there.  2014 breezed by so quickly because I was in school for most of it.  But as far as I know…no schooling for a little while at least.  Which means 2015 is my year.

As much as I love this time of year, I always get off track.  Like majorly off track.  It probably has something to do with all the wine, food, and all around deliciousness that happens around this time of year.

However, this year I plan on ending on a strong note and starting 2015 with a bang!  I will be continuing with my Bikini Body Guide workouts (check back on Wednesday for a review of the program- I’m in week 4 and a third of the way done!).  I will also be incorporating Tone It Up’s Love Your Body challenge.  I always get injured when I try one of K&K’s challenges (whoops!) so this year I’m determined to finish LYB!  I will also be doing the fabulous TIU Tums and Guns Challenge by Shelley and Shelby (if you don’t follow them on insta, you are missing out on fabulous motivation!  They are at @TIU_Shelley and @Shabelby_TIU).  So essentially the month of January will be a hodge podge of different challenges and workouts.  Just the way I like it to be honest- I get bored very easily.

This is why I need variety, people.

This week’s schedule is shaping up like this:

M- BBG Week 4 legs and cardio + TIU cocktail dress workout (1-2 rounds)

T- LISS+Bodyflow+TIU Spankin’ Booty Routine (1-2 rounds)

W- BBG Week 4 abs and arms+ TIU quickie workout (and of course super celebrations!)

Th- [may be a rest day] but LISS + cardio barre+ TIU Tums and Guns

F- BBG Week 4 full body+ TIU Love Your Total Body +TIU Tums and Guns

S- TIU Love Your Abs+LISS+ TIU Tums and Guns

Su- 5k training+yoga+TIU Tums and Guns

Woo!  I’m excited to end 2014 with a bang and start 2015 off right.  What are your workout plans for the end of the year?

Stay classy, lift heavy


About musclesandmimosas

Thanks for stopping by my {new and improved} blog. My name is Kendyl. My goal: Get healthy and get toned! I don't care so much about weight....I just wanna look good naked ;) I am also attempting to understand what nutrition plan works for me with all my stomach issues and such. You can contact me at I'd love to hear any ideas for new fitness routines, recipes, crafts, good reads...anything really! Stay classy and lift heavy ~K

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